flyetcl CLI tool


flytectl is CLI tool written in go to interact with flyteadmin service


    --admin.authorizationHeader string           Custom metadata header to pass JWT
    --admin.authorizationServerUrl string        This is the URL to your IDP's authorization server'
    --admin.clientId string                      Client ID
    --admin.clientSecretLocation string          File containing the client secret
    --admin.endpoint string                      For admin types,  specify where the uri of the service is located.
    --admin.insecure                             Use insecure connection.
    --admin.maxBackoffDelay string               Max delay for grpc backoff (default "8s")
    --admin.maxRetries int                       Max number of gRPC retries (default 4)
    --admin.perRetryTimeout string               gRPC per retry timeout (default "15s")
    --admin.scopes strings                       List of scopes to request
    --admin.tokenUrl string                      Your IDPs token endpoint
    --admin.useAuth                              Whether or not to try to authenticate with options below
    --adminutils.batchSize int                   Maximum number of records to retrieve per call. (default 100)
    --adminutils.maxRecords int                  Maximum number of records to retrieve. (default 500)
    --config string                              config file (default is $HOME/config.yaml)
-d, --domain string                              Specifies the Flyte project's domain.
-h, --help                                       help for flytectl
    --logger.formatter.type string               Sets logging format type. (default "json")
    --logger.level int                           Sets the minimum logging level. (default 4)
    --logger.mute                                Mutes all logs regardless of severity. Intended for benchmarks/tests only.                         Includes source code location in logs.
-o, --output string                              Specifies the output type - supported formats [TABLE JSON YAML] (default "TABLE")
-p, --project string                             Specifies the Flyte project.
    --root.domain string                         Specified the domain to work on.
    --root.output string                         Specified the output type.
    --root.project string                        Specifies the project to work on.
    --storage.cache.max_size_mbs int             Maximum size of the cache where the Blob store data is cached in-memory. If not specified or set to 0,  cache is not used
    --storage.cache.target_gc_percent int        Sets the garbage collection target percentage.
    --storage.connection.access-key string       Access key to use. Only required when authtype is set to accesskey.
    --storage.connection.auth-type string        Auth Type to use [iam, accesskey]. (default "iam")
    --storage.connection.disable-ssl             Disables SSL connection. Should only be used for development.
    --storage.connection.endpoint string         URL for storage client to connect to.
    --storage.connection.region string           Region to connect to. (default "us-east-1")
    --storage.connection.secret-key string       Secret to use when accesskey is set.
    --storage.container string                   Initial container to create -if it doesn't exist-.'
    --storage.defaultHttpClient.timeout string   Sets time out on the http client. (default "0s")
    --storage.enable-multicontainer              If this is true,  then the container argument is overlooked and redundant. This config will automatically open new connections to new containers/buckets as they are encountered
    --storage.limits.maxDownloadMBs int          Maximum allowed download size (in MBs) per call. (default 2)
    --storage.type string                        Sets the type of storage to configure [s3/minio/local/mem/stow]. (default "s3")


  • flytectl config - Runs various config commands, look at the help of this command to get a list of available commands..

  • flytectl create - Used for creating various flyte resources including tasks/workflows/launchplans/executions/project.

  • flytectl delete - Used for terminating/deleting various flyte resources including tasks/workflows/launchplans/executions/project.

  • flytectl get - Used for fetching various flyte resources including tasks/workflows/launchplans/executions/project.

  • flytectl register - Registers tasks/workflows/launchplans from list of generated serialized files.

  • flytectl update - Used for updating flyte resources eg: project.

  • flytectl version - Used for fetching flyte version